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The Cohesia team brings decades of customer contact and analytics training and consulting experience.

Cohesia training solutions apply web, elearning and mobile technologies to help you extend the skills you already have without the risks of wholesale change. Let us help you leverage your existing contact center knowledge and skills to deliver a cohesive customer journey.

Cohesia training courses are led by a hugely experienced instructor team, working day to day with the products and the problems you face.



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The long term winners will be those organisations making life easy for customers, and the service teams making it easy and fun for staff to deliver great experiences. Most existing contact analytics capabilities fall far short of enabling this. Let us help you leverage your existing contact center technology to deliver a cohesive customer journey.
Contact analytics accessed on the go,  in real time, 100% automated and affordable. Analytics should reach and engage agents to drive an analytic culture across the customer journey. Know what works, do what works.
 Our training solutions use classroom, remote learning, eLearning and mobile technologies to enable productivity and provide insight at each step of the customer journey and across all channels of customer contact.
Our training consultants are subject matter experts who have both insight and passion that drives them to focus on knowledge that's important to your business outcomes. We want to help your teams find key insights, solve problems and enhance their own impact through knowledge and an analytics driven culture.



Create a Cohesive Customer Journey



What we do

Cohesia is an industry leader for training solutions providing both eGain and Cisco knowledge and report training, empowering you to deliver that Cohesive Customer Journey.

  • Professional Training for eGain Knowledge and Digital
  • Professional Microsoft Training
  • eGain VIM Semantic Model and VIM Mediator ETL Development
  • Traininf Delivery for Cisco and eGain Contact Centre Report Users, Admins and Analytics
  • Learning Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server
  • Learning Solutions for NoSQL databases
  • Microsoft Courses for Server and Cloud
  • Learning Courses in Cisco Contact Centre
  • Learning Solutions for Agents, Supervisors and Analysts


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