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Rent-a-Car Business: Is it Worth Starting?

Rent-a-car businesses make a profit from renting vehicles to third parties. Cars are rented for various rates over a specific length of time: daily, weekly, or monthly. Car rentals offer

Automotive Technology: Then and Now

Cars have gone a long way—from their basic form of engine-in-a-cart vehicles to the computer-like automobiles that can even drive themselves nowadays. Over the years, we’ve witnessed technology for cars

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Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your business

Almost every business should have a vehicle. This is to ensure the mobility of transactions, especially for businesses that provide delivery services. Though a lot of delivery companies offer services


Adjusting Your Auto Shop Marketing for 2021

A January report by ValuePenguin states that 91.3% of households in the U.S. have access to at least one vehicle. This reveals an upward trend in car ownership in America.

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Top Factors to Consider Before Buying an Old Car

Buying a car that is already two decades old comes with an increased level of risk. Even if the vehicle has been well-maintained throughout its lifetime, the general wear and

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